1300 Allowance and Issue

1306 could reference 35 USC 21(b) - weekend rule

MPEP 1306 (Issue Fee) opens with "The issue fee ... [is] due 3 months from the date of the Notice of Allowance." However, as far as I know, the weekend rule of 35 USC 21(b) still extends the time period if it would otherwise end on a weekend. Could 1306 be amended to reference this statute, for completeness?


35 USC 151 Issue of Patent.--- (a) ... The notice shall specify a sum ... which shall be paid within 3 months thereafter.


35 USC 21(b) Filing date and day for taking action.--- (b) When the day, or the last day, for ... paying any fee ... falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal holiday [in DC], the action may be taken, or fee paid, on the next succeeding secular or business day.



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