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2422-2426: Sequence Listing Rules trending idea

Is there a reason why the USPTO doesn't allow transfer of CRFs from a parent case without a paper copy? My understanding of how the Office is interpreting the transfer rules is that you can only request transfer of the CRF if you also file a paper copy or PDF copy of the sequence listing. They will not allow transfer if you have an incorporation-by-reference in lieu of the paper copy of PDF.

It would make a lot more sense to me to encourage a single CRF to be used throughout the patent family. I'd prefer the .txt that was filed with the first non-priority application to transfer to each child application automatically. If the Applicant wants a different sequence listing / CRF to be used, they would have to file a specific request to do so. I imagine this would only happen in the rare case that a CIP is filed with new sequences (which really shouldn't be happening much anymore). This already aligns with the IDS process (with IDS and references from the parent case automatically transferring) and would certainly help with reduction fo unnecessary paperwork.



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