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2100 Patentability

Grammatical Error in 2111.05(III.)

The first sentence in the second paragraph of MPEP § 2111.05(III.) reads:
"However, where the claim as a whole is directed conveying a message or meaning to a human reader independent of the intended computer system, and/or the computer-readable medium merely serves as a support for information or data, no functional relationship exists."

The phrase "is directed conveying" is missing the word "to," as in, "the claim... more »


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600 Parts, Form, and Content of Application

Typo in 601.05(a), II (Jan. 2018 at 600-51)

In 601.05(a), II (Jan. 2018 printing at 600-51, left column), I believe the last sentence should be amended to correct a typo as follows:


... must show ... the new information with underlining, as if the incorrect information [[was]] _had been_ submitted in an ADS filed with the application.


(all opinions my own)


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